Direction, Story, Editing, Design, Animation


Bailey Kalesti


I was attracted to this project long before I started work on it. The concept of 3D printing was so fascinating that I jumped at the chance to create a video for an industry that was teeming with potential and inspiration. Before starting, and even after the video was released, there was very little out there that explained the concept of 3D printing in an approachable way. This project was an opportunity to make something that explored new ground. 

The people over at MatterHackers were excited and ready to make something new, too. In our initial meetings, we discussed goals, problems, and their needs. Then it was up to me to write the story and develop a vision. 

In summation, I wrote the story, created storyboards and animatics, and did extensive look development. In addition to all of that, I reevaluated the MatterHackers brand. Up until that point, their brand was loosely defined, so I didn’t have much to go by. This meant that I had to determine the essence of MatterHackers, define what that was artistically, and instill it in the video. This included progression, color tone, style, and much more. 

MatterHackers loved the final product, and they revamped their site when it was released. We also decided to work together in the future. Honestly, I can’t wait. They’re a great group of people doing something pretty neat. Check them out!