A Big Year

Happy Holidays!

Well, I've slept about 2 hours in the past 40 hours. It's been a frenzy of family time, client work, and a mad dash to get a new cube dance finished (it's the most ambitious yet). But I enjoyed my Christmas, albeit with heavy eyelids.

It's hard to believe that I've been writing the blog for three continuous months already. And it's thanks to my friend for the idea. It's been good to force myself to release art every week. I have no plans to stop anytime soon, so keep coming back to see better and better things!

And what a year! It's been a truly great year for my career, and I don't say that lightly. I'll be brief... At the top of the list is that I quit my salary job and started my own business. It's the smartest thing I've ever done for myself because it has brought me so much joy. This year also was the most productive year I've ever had, having released more finished and behind-the-scenes content than ever before. And I've continued to meet and work with more great people!

Where is Forma Pictures heading?

Well, I've got more than a few projects queued up. More ideas than there's time for, as usual. Client work will remain an important part of my plan. But with Hunted (and more like it), Forma Pictures will begin to release its own content. It's going to take time, and 2015 will be a huge learning year.

Things to look for in 2015

Small, choreographed animations - Like the cube dancing videos and other expressions of intense musicality are forthcoming. I'll release these every two weeks.

More edited shorts - I love editing, and my series of re-edited movies will continue on. The 4th one is already in development.

Fortnight of Frames - This will be a two week romp of constant design and animation creation, with daily releases. It will be intense!

Continued Hunted development - Hunted isn't going away. So far there are three of us contributing to the project. Lots to do yet!

Improvements to site - Forma Picture's website has never been completely finished. I released it because I had to. There are aesthetic and back-end updates coming.

2-minute, animated company video - I'm finishing this in January, and I'll release it as soon as I'm able.

Secret project - I've had the opportunity to work with some great people on something I can't talk about yet. Hope I can share the details this year.

And without further ado I give you Mann Co. Party, the 4th in my series of Cube Dancing videos. I can't seem to place what it's an homage to...