Death Comes for Us All

One day we will all be dead. If you're reading this, you will be dust one day. Your organs will rot and bugs will eat your body, churning it into a fine powder to be used in something else. No one has cheated death yet. It is the fate of every man and woman who ever lived.

With that in mind, what will you do today? Will you work on that project that you've been procrastinating? Perhaps it's worth procrastinating, and you should do something more valuable to you. Or maybe it really is something that you want to do. These are the questions you should be asking yourself every day.

Recognizing death's coming embrace has a great utility. It forces us to confront our present for what it is: fleeting.

Figure out what's important to you in life. Whatever it may be. Family. Creating. Peace. Happiness. Whatever. Prioritize this thing (or things) each day.

Time speeds on like a cruel mistress. It never slows down. So, live the life you want to live today. If it sounds corny to you, then you're missing how important this is. Death is coming for us all. You can ignore this fact or embrace it.

Choose wisely. Or not. It doesn't matter to anyone but you.