Yup. This is the 100th entry for this blog. I started it 2 years ago to shed light on my travels as an artist and business person. It's been a way for me to share and process what I've been making and thinking. A lot has happened these past 100 weeks!

Over the last couple months, however, I've had fewer ideas of what to talk about each week. My guess is because I'm also making weekly video tutorials and essays. So, now I'm only going to post on this blog when bigger things happen or when I have something I want to share. The blog has been great for me, regardless of how many people have read it, but I feel like it's had its moment. I want to focus on other things now.

So, in one final, self-indulgent post, I'm going to list some of the things I've talked about over these past two years. Thanks for reading, friends!

Your pal, Bailey

The Home Selling Process

I'm pleased to finally share my latest animation venture. A few months in the making:

'Twas a ton of work and a blast to create. I've been wanting to try my hand more seriously at a fully 3D rendered video in this sort of style. And now that I've got a few hundred more hours under my belt in the rendering department, I'll be able to make even cooler stuff going forward.

I'll be showing some behind the scenes stuff in the next week or two. So, if that sort of thing interests you, be sure to check back here at the blog for an update on that.


Home Sweet Home

Hokey smokes, what a week this was. I didn't see very much daylight, as I was glued to my computer, cranking out animations and baby-sitting renders. In fairness, I still got enough rest each night (I do keep 20-mile marching in mind), but the last week of any big project is usually a push to get every last detail in.

So, what can I show? How 'bout this for now...

A section of a finished frame.

A section of a finished frame.

This movie is all about real estate, so it takes place in and around a home. Ooh look, complexity!:

I modeled and modeled and modeled...

Soon the video will release, and I'll post some more in-depth stuff about how it was made too. This one was a doozy for me, and involved a ton of work.