What do YOU want?

So, I've been writing this weekly blog for 10 straight months now (haven't missed a Friday!). Sometimes I write about changes to the business, sometimes I show what I've been making. Other times I ramble about art philosophies of mine. But what do YOU want to know about?

I heard in a podcast that a well known business used their blog to post interesting analytics about their product to drive traffic to their site. The posts (and I've read them) are genuinely interesting and insightful. They contain lots of data too, so that's fun.

As an artist, I feel like showing art should be the primary focus of this, but I don't always have stuff to show. And sometimes I can't, because it's not mine to show (contracts...etc.).

Anything you'd like to see or know more about? Comment below!

As for an update, I'm knee deep in an ambitious client project. Super excited about it. It has the potential to be very good. Just gotta work my arse off to get it there! :)