Writing and Writing

I'm a visual artist, I like designing stuff and editing video. But I sure do have to do a lot of writing for my job. I feel like most days are spent writing, but I suppose that's what you gotta do if you're telling stories and working with people long-distance.

If I'm not writing this blog, writing emails, or editing this website, I'm writing articles for Behind the Cinematic. And when I'm not doing that, I'm writing my next tutorial, preparing interview questions, or transcribing an interview, or even writing stuff on places like Twitter to keep contact with fellow artists. Of course, in order to make a commercial or a short film, I've got to write the script. And if I'm in negotiation with a client, I'm writing contracts and licensing agreements. And, I'm always writing up my thoughts and business plans so I can figure out what to do next. Write, write, write! Oof!

But it's worth it. It's what's enabled me to have everything that I have right now. If I couldn't write coherent thoughts (not saying I always manage that), I couldn't negotiate paid work. And Behind the Cinematic wouldn't go anywhere at all if I wasn't able to edit prose.

Speaking of which, a brand new section of Behind the Cinematic is launching this week. I'm so pumped!