Hunted Blog

This is the first post of the new, second blog that will focus on the development of Forma Pictures' first original short film. Previously, I was posting updates on its progress in the main blog. But I decided that Hunted needed its own place. I have a hunch that some people are only interested in tracking the movie's process. So, there are 2 blogs now.

The primary reason I'm doing this is because of the success that I've had with the daily sketchbook. So, updates and art will come every Tuesday.

Isaac recently wrote some cool new stuff for the score, which has made it even better. On my end, I've been rewriting scene 4. I'm trying to streamline the narrative and clear up the confusing parts. It'll probably require more visuals, but that's okay. But I gotta tell ya, de-clunking stories takes time.

The distant threat...

The distant threat...