Hello! Below are a range of images and videos showing my process and my final designs for user interfaces in games and films. I look forward to speaking further! My email is: info@formapictures.com


A sample of flow and UX development.

The initial process of developing a UI includes figuring out the flow and in some cases story-boarding rough ideas to see how they work. Here are a few flow charts I've created and some storyboards.


A sample of look development from game and film projects.

When I'm designing a UI, I'm thinking about a lot more than what's pretty. A pretty UI that doesn't function well is no good to anyone. So, my focus is always on what feels good for players and conveys information well. Therefore, clarity is the most important thing to me. And user-testing. Because that's where you can figure out where people are getting stuck, and where things are working.

Below are some look development examples and some final designs. Directly below is a giant image showing just how many designs and I had to go through to get to a final product that both looked good and worked well. It's a process to be sure!


The design I created for a tower defense style game.


Adding motion and life to the elements.

In addition to my design experience, I also animate and bring UI elements to life. I've done both pre-rendered animation and real-time animations that run in the game engine.

My experience with motion graphics also extends to highly animated commercials and short films. Below are some examples of UI specific work, followed by a couple commercials that I created entirely on my own.


My thoughts on the importance of good design and user experience.

I devised a set of principles that I feel are important in UI/UX design. The most important one being Clarity. Thinking about these principles has helped me a great deal in my efforts to create interfaces that are pretty, understandable, and "invisible" to the gamers. Below are my 12 principles. Most of them are based on tried and true principles in both the user experience and graphic design worlds. I just brought them together and applied them to video games.


Web Design
I design, write, and mark-up websites.

Most recently I created Behind the Cinematic, the leading publication dedicated to cataloging and providing learning resources for game cinematics.

I designed, implemented and continue to iterate on its design and functionality. It has a steadily increasing user base with fans throughout the game and vfx industries.




Hopefully this has shed some light on my process and my experience. Feel free to ask me any questions!