Drawing Dogs

This past week I was busy with storyboarding and creating style frames for a secondary project. I find that storyboarding takes a lot of mental effort. Probably because I'm trying to concept, stage, edit, and keep continuity all at once. There will definitely be some behind the scenes stuff in January, but here are some dogs:

These dogs are in it to win it. You'll see more of them in January.

These dogs are in it to win it. You'll see more of them in January.

There was no progress on my original short film (Hunted) this week. I'm still figuring out exactly how to balance it with the rest of my work. I also don't want it to take years, so I may need to devote larger chunks of time to it.

Next week I'll be releasing another tiny (short short) as part of my ongoing effort to practice rigging, animation, and choreography. I'm also doing these to force myself to release content at least once every two weeks. It will be goofy and musical!

As for the future, I've begun to think about doing something even more ambitious: a project where I release art every day for two weeks. I'm calling it a Fortnight of Frames. I hope to do it next spring.

Lastly, I began work on my fourth edited short. This will probably be released in February (only because I'm working on it simultaneously with everything else). You can find the first 3 HERE. In case it isn't clear, here are the release schedules for my current projects:

  • 1 tiny animation - every 2 weeks
  • 1 medium sized project - every 2 months
  • 1 short film (Forma Pictures) - every 1-2 years
  • 1 short film (part of a team) - every 1-2 years
  • ongoing client work - every 1-4 months (varies)