New Territory

With every project I work on, I always try to do something that I've never done before. Eighty percent of the video will build on what I've done before, but that last pinch is generally something that I have no idea how to pull off. It keeps the work exciting and it keeps me growing. However, figuring out how to make something new work isn't easy. At the moment I'm trying out an art style that I'm not used to doing. Functionally this means that I'm out of my element.

Before I switched my focus to graphic design, I was a 3D modeler. And for the past few years I've tried many times to create an art style that utilized 3D environments in a more direct way. Well, this time I got my wish. But it also means that there are a vast array of unknowns during the design phase. How do I keep the color palette consistent? How do I keep text readable on top of moving 3d geometry? How do I keep the stylization consistent across an array of different environments? How do I light??

A cartoony piano. Fun for all.

A cartoony piano. Fun for all.

Still, I'm having a good time. I'm grateful, as always, that I get to make art pretty much all day every day. What a life.