VR: A New Dawn

This past week I had the great pleasure of trying out VR with the HTC Vive.

I was beside myself. It was so unbelievably cool that I didn't want to stop playing with it. My family and I each took turns trying it on (including my grandpa), and we all adored it. We were all giggling with pure delight for well over an hour. It really, truly was that incredible. Without a doubt, it was the coolest tech thing I've ever experienced.

My grandpa tried it out too. He liked it!

My grandpa tried it out too. He liked it!

Naturally, it got me thinking about the future of my career. I have no doubt that I'll be developing art for VR before long. It's just so obvious that that's where everything is heading. Sure, it isn't saying much now that it's part of our zeitgeist, but there was a time when it wasn't. I've been begging for VR for the last ten years, and I've wanted it in some fashion for my entire life. Well, it's finally happening!! Nothing makes me more excited than VR and augmented reality. Nothing.