The Great Search for Music

Happy Friday everybody. Time for an update.

This week mostly had to do with finding music. If you know me, you know that my projects revolve around music. It’s why I’ve been searching for weeks. In total, I listened to a couple thousand songs (I counted the first thousand, then gave up), talked with musicians, agents, and put up ads for composers. I’m happy to say that I’ve found somebody to write an original score! Check him out here. Welcome to the project, Isaac! He’s a great musician and I’m confident he’ll pull off something awesome.

As promised, here’s a summary of the script so far:

Hunted is a dramatic short film. Set in the mountains, we follow the protagonist, Chloe. In the aftermath of losing her family, she must make the difficult decision between survival and vengeance. Her path is one of conviction and what it means to seek resolution in a chaotic world.

Fun fact: I spent some of my youth in the mountains you see in the image above (photo taken by me last week). So, the setting for this film is no accident.