Quick update on the side projects that Forma's got cookin...

Behind the Cinematic

The new behind the scenes site continues to grow and expand its readership. New articles are going up every other week right now, and will continue to do so for a long time. There's also a whole new section to the website that will be launching around the end of May. Look forward to that!

Weekly Essays and Tutorials

After seventeen weeks, there are currently seventeen videos up on the channel HERE. A new essay or tutorial launches every week. Some have been more labor intensive than others, but hopefully people are continuing to find them useful. There are no plans to stop as of this writing.

Video Game

An indie game that I had the pleasure of providing the art for is in the last phase of development. We're still polishing up the functionality and adding a few more things to make it better. I'm not sure when it will launch, but I'll post about it when it does.