3D Block Outs

Just thought I'd show some more of the progress on the animatic this week. For those of you less familiar with what these are, they're basically 3D storyboards. They're a super useful tool during development because they visualize a scene in a concrete way.

The important thing to remember, as always, is that this stuff is very rough. Actually, it's crap right now. None of the real visuals are present, just the framework for the visuals.

I did leave out the music so that you can enjoy it more later. But how much do you guys care about spoilers? I'm showing an awful lot of stuff, and I assume that if you're coming here, you want to know. But I just thought I'd ask. I'm willing to reveal more of the story, and I'd be able to show more of the art for those segments. Leave a comment below if you have a preference either way.

Next week expect to see some more 3D block outs. Not sure how interesting those are, but that's what I need to do next.