Radio Silence

Oh dear oh dear. Things have certainly been quiet here. I know that many of you have been asking about what's goin' on with Hunted, and the truth is that the last two months were crazy for me. However, I still feel bad for not updating sooner.

Hunted is on slow burn, but it's still Forma Pictures' primary original IP. I know that updates are sparse at times, but it's always on my mind. It can be tough to balance the immediate client pay with the long term investment of an original short which won't pay any bills. But as an investment, it could have other benefits. It's tough for me to know what to do. Trust me, the war is always raging on.

The other trouble is that Hunted is full of content that is a bit outside my wheelhouse at the moment. Characters art and animation are so difficult for me. I can fake it a bit, but the truth is that my brain simply isn't interested in becoming good at those things. I find myself most at home when I'm creating environments. That's why Hunted is full of environments. But the characters are still vital, so I'm looking for a character animator to help out.

Thanks for your continued interest in this project. More updates to come.