Slowing Down

Hey guys,

I just wanted to quickly update you on what's been going on with Hunted lately. Basically things are on slow burn, so updates will continue to be infrequent for a while longer.

Developing a movie is an extremely laborious endeavor. And even though Hunted is a short film, the time investment will be in the thousands of hours. A couple hundred hours have already been sunk into it, but the majority of the work is yet to be done.

The most important reason why I have slowed down its development is that it doesn't nor will it ever bring in any significant revenue. There's simply no way in hell that it will be profitable, let alone recoup the considerable costs that it will take to make. So, I will continue to chip away at it, but I simply must focus on more reliable revenue streams to make sure that food remains in my refrigerator.

Hunted is a considerable investment for me, and I plan to continue reaping the rewards of this endeavor (learning, etc.). However, I feel I must make ends meet for a while before I'm ready to take on this behemoth of a project. Hunted will help me in the long term, but it provides very little monetary value in the short term.

I still believe in the project and in the story. I really really want to bring it to light. It's just gonna take time to get there. Hopefully that makes sense.