The Debate

The past few days have been unusually soul-searchy. I've been examining and trajectorizing Forma Pictures overall, and a good deal of this has centered around Hunted and its future. Every hour counts, and it can be easy to second guess yourself. I'll go into this more on the main blog on Friday, but it is still relevant to Hunted.

It's relevant because Hunted is a mammoth project. At least for me, and at least at this point in my career. Ultimately I want to deliver something top notch that says something meaningful. That's what art is all about. But the fact remains that I need to make sure (to the best of my ability) that Hunted will contribute directly to the success of this business. Money, it turns out, is an unrelenting concern in this world. ;)

The question I've been debating (with all my mental ability) is whether to focus completely on Hunted, or whether to put it on slow burn for a while. The former will result in a much earlier release date, but there will be few updates (besides BTS content) coming from Forma Pictures during that time. The second option would enable me to release new, shorter content (still high quality) where there would be less risk in the outcome of each piece.

As of now, Forma Pictures has a small audience. Principally this is because it has not yet released original intellectual properties. So far it's mostly client work. But as we know, client work will never result in lasting success.

So, this has been the debate. Focus on Hunted now and release this IP when it's finally finished, or work on different IPs that can release sooner. I'm not even going to start on the monetization debate that's been roiling in my mind all week. But I will say that if I finally do make everything and it becomes successful, it will be sweet. Growing up poor, and working my way up step by step continues to be quite the journey!

As always, I'm trying to be transparent about this process. If you have ideas, comments, or anything else...comment below.