3, 2, 1 Update!

It's been a while since I just had a normal update post without a bunch of philosophy thrown in. So here are the facts!

Working on a game right now. An awesome designer (this guy) hired Forma to make the art and UI for it. I'll show stuff later!

The new website I'm developing is coming soon! A few close friends have already previewed it and I've gotten some good feedback on its direction. Will launch in March!

Been going crazy with the tutorials. Really working on my speaking presence and learning (slowly) how to be myself on camera. Not there yet by any stretch of the imagination, but one day. Also teaching myself a lot about lighting and stuff like that.

Side projects are crawling along. Getting a better mic set up so that I can do narration over videos. Also learning about how to clean up audio so that it doesn't sound like trash.

That's all for now! Love!