Behind the Cinematic

I am very pleased to announce the initial launch of a brand new website:

What is it? Well, it's an online publication dedicated to cataloging and providing behind the scenes content for game cinematics. The primary goals are to centralize learning resources on cinematics, provide insight into their development, give credit to the wonderful artists who work so hard on them, and ultimately to celebrate this unique artform.

I've been working on this concept for about three months now, and it's finally ready for people to start reading it. It is going to expand A LOT, and the site design will improve considerably too. But I felt that I should release SOMETHING before I spend countless hours polishing it to absolute perfection.

AND more features are coming too. Like interviews, and in-depth discussions with industry professionals. I can't wait! Bookmark this bad boy because it's only gonna get better.

Anyhoo, that's all for now. Please tell people about it! Get the word out! The world can always use a few more cinematic enthusiasts. :D

Your bud,