We all know that it's difficult to translate the vague ideas in our heads into something real. To help with this, I tried an exercise.

Over the last few weeks I amassed a lot of reference photos and inspiration. This week I chose thirteen of my favorites. Then I wrote down the reasons I liked each one. Finally, I compiled these qualitative assessments into a spreadsheet and tried to find patterns. Some interesting things developed from this. For one, I learned that I'm attracted to art that uses lighting to tell stories. I listed lighting as the primary reason why I liked eight out of the thirteen. I also learned that I apparently have a fascination with silhouettes.

This helped me because it distilled my pool of thoughts into something more tangible. The physical act of writing things down is a wonderful human tool that allows us to see multiple things at once and detect patterns. It forced me to recognize what I liked and didn't like too. I have a tendency to doubt my conviction while I search for "the perfect idea."

The aesthetic I see will serve the story of Hunted. It's been tricky finding an approach that will work for each scene in the film. Some shots will be more difficult, but I'm eager to put my ideas and passion to the test.

Here is the first environment test. This is just the beginning!

If you have any comments, critiques, or an interest in working together, don't be shy!