Laying the Groundwork

This week is one of those weeks where there's not a lot to show. Frankly there was a lot of business and prep work being done. However, that's not to say that there isn't anything new to see. I'm still creating daily sketches in the sketchbook. With each sketch, I learn a new technical thing. Most suck overall, but here are two of the better ones where I tried different ways of getting stylized atmospheric perspective.

Forma Pictures has more than a few projects lined up for release in the coming months. And each of them will serve the company in different ways. Some are client gigs and others are original IPs that will be produced by the company. Hunted, the film that's had the most attention, is but one of them. One of the other projects in an early stage of development is a more stylized, lighthearted adventure.


And lest you forgot, all the updates for the progress of my short film have been moved to a different blog. And it updates every Tuesday right HERE. Two painted concepts are already over there just waiting to be looked at! What'r'ya waiting for? :)

Coming Soon

Next week I'm launching my 4th edited short. It's been a labor of love, so I'm excited to finally share it! In the meantime, take a stroll down memory lane with the first edited short I made a while back:

Stay tuned, lovelies.