The Conflict

Here's the 4th installment in my series of edited shorts. I only did the editing here. The movies and the music are property of their respective owners. Hope y'all enjoy (and please share it if you do)!

This short took a while to make. When I do these, I try my best to keep things clear. It's not perfect, but that's okay. It takes a long time to find bits of action movies that don't have shaky cameras, confusing focus, premature cuts, and other personal no-nos of mine. I like clean frames, stable shots, and simple (yet stylish) movements. And once I find those things, there's no guarantee that it will work from an editing or emotional standpoint. Simply put, there were countless minutes of edited footage that had to be left on the cutting room floor.

Of course, I know that I still have much to learn. And hopefully I can find a way to better integrate this searing passion of mine into my economic engine. That would be nice.

Bottom line, I love editing films, so I don't intend to stop anytime soon. In many ways choreography is my favorite activity. As much as I love design and animation, I'm happiest when I'm working with both music and visuals. I like trying to connect ideas together in that bigger picture sort of way.

I personally know lots of artists. But film choreographers are a rare breed. If you're one of these people, or know someone who is, email me. It would be cool to know more people who do this kind of thing.

Also, I can't believe I began this weekly blog 6 months ago! I haven't missed a week yet!