Yup. This is the 100th entry for this blog. I started it 2 years ago to shed light on my travels as an artist and business person. It's been a way for me to share and process what I've been making and thinking. A lot has happened these past 100 weeks!

Over the last couple months, however, I've had fewer ideas of what to talk about each week. My guess is because I'm also making weekly video tutorials and essays. So, now I'm only going to post on this blog when bigger things happen or when I have something I want to share. The blog has been great for me, regardless of how many people have read it, but I feel like it's had its moment. I want to focus on other things now.

So, in one final, self-indulgent post, I'm going to list some of the things I've talked about over these past two years. Thanks for reading, friends!

Your pal, Bailey


Today I'm pleased to release the first Forma Pictures showreel. Check it out:

It's been a long time coming, but I finally got everything put together. Hope ya like it. Now, what else has been happening, well...

  • Recently wrapped the first phase of work on a new video game. I've been having a blast getting that put together. Can't wait for it to release!
  • Continuing to get the new journalistic website together, which I'll talk about a lot more this month. It's set to release on March 18th.
  • Tutorials are still coming out each week. I could talk a lot about how difficult they've been, but they've also been good for me. Here's the latest one:


Hey Look, It's Me

For the last eight years, I've been working as a paid, professional artist. And in that time, I've never spun the camera around on myself. I've always just been behind the curtain, creating and producing art. But the time has come for me to break that cycle.

In an effort to put a face to my name, I've decided to create tutorials and the like where people can see who I am. In fact, I've already delivered one as of this week. My comfort level on camera still sucks, but I'll get loads better. Hopefully this will make my work more interesting now that people can see me.

Here's the first one. Can't wait until I can say I'm way better than this. I'll just have to put it out of my mind for now.