Yup. This is the 100th entry for this blog. I started it 2 years ago to shed light on my travels as an artist and business person. It's been a way for me to share and process what I've been making and thinking. A lot has happened these past 100 weeks!

Over the last couple months, however, I've had fewer ideas of what to talk about each week. My guess is because I'm also making weekly video tutorials and essays. So, now I'm only going to post on this blog when bigger things happen or when I have something I want to share. The blog has been great for me, regardless of how many people have read it, but I feel like it's had its moment. I want to focus on other things now.

So, in one final, self-indulgent post, I'm going to list some of the things I've talked about over these past two years. Thanks for reading, friends!

Your pal, Bailey

An Interview with Paul Furminger

Hey everybody! This week I was a bit swamped, but I did manage to release a few things for your eyeballs. Namely, I launched an interview with Paul Furminger over at Behind the Cinematic. In my opinion, it's a good one. Lots of great information from the guy and tons of behind-the-scenes images. Read it here:

The fine folks at Goldtooth were a pleasure to work with. So, not only do they kick ass at making trailers, they're also awesome to speak and coordinate with. If you don't know who they are, go find out! They're rad:

That's all for today. Cheers!



This week I launched a new section for Behind the Cinematic. It's all about the people behind the cinematics. It's where I interview the awesome men and women who have contributed to the art form.

The first interview that went up is all about Ryan M. James, the lead editor at Naughty Dog. It was an absolute pleasure getting to speak with him. He's a knowledgeable guy with a stellar portfolio of work. And, as an editor, he provides some unique insights into the craft. It's a rare position in this industry, as there aren't that many places who have full-time editors on staff. So, our conversation was very informative and whole lot of fun to do. Check out the interview here:

Also, be sure to check out his personal site right here.

As you've probably guessed, there are more interviews on the docket already. In fact, I've got two more scheduled this week, and even more later this month. It's a busy time for Behind the Cinematic, but it's just getting started.

To those of you reading this, I cannot describe how passionate I am about BtC. When I started developing the idea late last year, I had no idea what it might evolve into. And it's already exceeding all my expectations. I find myself running to keep up with its needs and the demand for its content. It's a great feeling. Clearly there is a hunger for what BtC is providing, but I never expected the hunger would be this strong so early in its life. I'm working hard every day (and having a blast) to make sure that the site is a beautiful place where people everywhere can enjoy cinematics and learn about them in detail. I've long wanted to honor the creators and inventors who have made this art form possible, and now I finally have the chance.

I can't WAIT to establish the vision that I have for it in my head. It's gonna be big, folks. :)

Video Essays

Back in January I decided to start creating weekly tutorials. Mostly this meant walking through a process inside a program. However, I quickly realized that I greatly prefer to talk about art and business philosophies. I've spent countless hours thinking about that kind of stuff, and I wanted to share my thoughts in video form. So, I started creating video essays in addition to the standard tutorials.

While they've been more engaging for me to produce, the essays require a larger time investment. Specifically, I have to write them and tell a story of sorts. It's been fun, and difficult...still not very good at it yet. But practice, baby!

Your bud,


A Whole New Project

I've got some cool news. This week I began working on a new animated video project with the good people at MatterHackers. The last video I made with them was so fun to make. And it came out a year ago...

Well, we're excited to be working together again. It's going to be a difficult one, but it has the potential to be good. The mission that they have is special and inspiring. It gives these video projects real meaning. They also have a mature understanding of the artistic process and we trust each other to do our jobs well. I couldn't ask for a better situation.

So far I've been looking for the music and writing the story. As of now, I've listened to over 1,200 potential (and relevant) songs. It's really tough when I find a song that's almost right, but not quite. The story is coming together too, but it still lacks a certain feeling. Writing is hard!

Lastly, I'm going to do my best not to kill myself working on this project. I have a 20-mile marching schedule in place. Slow and steady, baby.